Hi, I am Mohit Srivastava, currently pursuing PGP from IIM Bangalore! After having did my engineering from IIIT Hyderabad in Computer Science, I worked at Amazon.com as a Software Development Engineer for 2 years and have now joined IIM Bangalore as a PGP first year student. I am a hard worker and a smart worker too. Computer Science is my passion and I love to explore new avenues outside my domain. I love to face challenges and I believe that work is either fun or drudgery ... It depends on you whether u take it as fun or as Drudgery!
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Know Me

Oscar Wilde has famously said "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."

Well, I have lived my life trying to become a dreamer, trying to be the outlier, trying to carve out a new way for myself. I have loved the apathy of being lost in a maze, I have loved the adventure of finding the unknown, and I have loved the rush of adrenalin that happens when you find yourself hanging on a cliffhanger. In short, I have loved the uncertainty of the unknown, the obscurity of the nameless and the alien-ness of the wild. It is not easy to say the least. It is difficult, it is challenging but the sweat and the pain is worth every bit. You will fail at a lot of steps, you will fall at a lot of junctures, you will face dilemmas at a lot of crossroads, you would squirm on a lot of occasions, but that is the best part of this journey. That is why this journey is worth living and that is why this path is worth traversing. I have failed a lot of times and somehow this has been the only distinguishing characteristic of my life. In a way .My failures are what define me..

The WebSite and The Toolkit

The website has been designed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. And it can be best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox 3.0 or later. I am a big fan of Visual Studio and I believe that its a fantastic piece of tool at our hand that eases our work by leaps and bounds. The technologies that have been used are HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and a bit of asp.net.
Please feel free to give suggestions so that i can further improve the site.