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I am a graduate in Bachelor in Tech: Computer Science from International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad and currently work as Member of Technical Staff in Groupon India Pvt. Ltd. My hometown is Indore, Madhya Pradesh. I strive to be open to all learning opportunities and give my best to a job at hand. Academically, I am interested in learning and working with Software and Web Development, Database Management System, Networking concepts and Cloud Computing.
I also like to spend my time on web-design/magazine-design, sketching&painting, reading, playing Table-tennis and carrom.



Complete List of my projects could be seen in the resume.

On Demand Hadoop

This project exposed Hadoop on cloud via Openstack and EC2 API's . Building a user interface consuming REST services from On Demand Hadoop Part-1 Project and openstack. It also displays job progress, logs, statistics and admin interface. Used Openstack Keystone, Pycurl, Web HDFS.

Gnome OPW Project

Implemented Responsive Design for Gnome websites(www.gnome.org/opw)[Mentor: Andreas Nilsson, Fabiana Simoes]

BTech Project: Leak Information using ICMP

Transferring data packets reliably from one machine to another using ICMP as a protocol. It also studies the vulnerabilities and security loopholes associated with such type of data transfer. ( Use of wireshark,Iptables, ICMP tunneling)

Room Reservation Portal

Web portal which could felicitate the college students/faculty to book rooms. Currently deployed in IIIT-H university(http://web.iiit.ac.in/~parliament/room/roomReservation/bookroom.php)



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