hey, I am yashasvi girdhar

I am a third year engineering student, pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, from IIIT-Hyderbad.

I am a resolute person, who likes to remain updated about the current events in the world. A big foodie, I want to go to each corner of the world and taste it ^_^.

Just finished my Google Summer of Code project with Benetech.
This is me


Google Summer of Code

Just finished my Google Summer of Code project, for Benetech. It involves porting a third-party TTS, Flite to their android app, GO READ.Flite has been written in C language, so the project involves working with android ndk as well.I basically worked on achieving the word-level callbacks from the native code to the android app, while the text is being synthesized.


Worked on a project under Prof Kavita Vemuri to build a virtual learning site using Drupal CMS and Node.js. The system integrates the social and communication systems that facilitate learning through videos and audios and builds a multitasking and multisourcing learning platform. It is based on Intranet so that it can reach the students who do not have access to Internet.


Designed an app called Facetube using Facebook and Youtube APIs. The app tries to bring all the youtube videos posted on facebook groups, of which you are a member, to one place. You can custom build your playlist and play it, without having to go and click each video posted in your fb group every time you want to listen.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island is a single player 3D adventure game written in C++, using openGL for rendering objects. The adventure begins on a dreaded island surrounded by sea wherein you have to escape enemies such as spiders,sharks,falling fireballs and ghosts (during night time) and collect all the coins. Game is given a realistic touch using lighting, textures, shading, fog and different person views.

Database Application

Made a Database application for LE Punjabi Chef restaurant using PHP and MySQL. The application allows the restaurant to maintain database of all chefs, employees, customers, orders and so on. Different users are able to access the data relevant to them. The administrator has the right to access and modify any of the data. The views have been made using HTML, CSS, AJAX and Javascript.


  • Made a user defined Shell in C using POSIX library.

  • Made a 2D game in Python using Curses library.

  • Made an app for Mozillla OS which enables the users to play scrabble with their peers on the LAN.

  • Developed an Application Layer File Transfer Protocol with support for upload/download and indexed searching, using the TCP as well as UDP protocol

Source code for all projects : github/itsyash


I am always eager to learn about the new technologies.Having specific interest in application development on various platforms, you will find me quite energetic and excited when it comes to hackathons.

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Yashasvi Girdhar
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