Hi, I am Abhishek Mittal. I am pursuing B.Tech in CSE from IIIT-H. Currently I am in Fourth-year

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Hey Guys, I am Abhishek Mittal. I am from Bathinda, Punjab. Currently I am studying in 4rd Year, pursuing Computer Science at IIIT-H. I was born on 19th April, 1993 and since then I have been a challenge to this world :P

I love listening to songs, and occasionally singing in my unparalled and transcendent voice, also I am fond of movies, tv series, and of course food ;) and owls, they are my favorite in birds

I like to see myself as an explorer, however I am not much of it but still and finally I am also a writer and love to write about my day to day experiences and things that happen around me.

Day dreaming is one of my favorite activities, I am sure nobody could be better than me in it. And in sports, Badminton, chess and swimming are my favorite.


Link to resumeto the PDF!

  1. Made the pre-processor and post-processor for genopt
  2. Made a pear to pear File transfer application using Socket Programming in C
  3. Made an Ontology Visualization Tool
  4. Built a User Defined Terminal in C
  5. Built a 3-D game in OpenGL
  6. Mirror World
  7. Built a Robot Bomb Difuse Game in Python using Curses Library of Python
  8. Designed a Photo Uploader Application using Web2py
  9. Made a database application
  10. Made a youtube downloader
  11. Did project under Rajiv Sangal Sir
  12. Did a project on fear in humanities
  13. Face Recognition
  14. Android Restaurant App
  15. Compilers

Title - WinOpt (Window Optimization Tool)

Description - The objective is to create a multi-parameter optimization tool for reducing energy consumption by a building. The tool uses EnergyPlus for finding the energy consumption and uses GenOpt for optimizing on user-selected design parameters that leads to the best operation of a given building. It uses hybrid Generalized Pattern Search (GPS) algorithm for optimization, which is initialized using the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. The results can also be optimized by using various other optimization algorithms. The output is an interactive graphical and tabular representation of various simulation results. The tool is aimed at being used by architects during the early design phase of the building in order to have a preliminary design for the building.

Mentors - Dr. Vishal Garg, Aviruch Bhatia, Rathish Arumugam

Nowadays, the use of system simulation for analyzing complex engineering problems is increasing. Usually, a lot of time is spent on specifying the problem for a computer simulation. Once this has been done, the analyst usually does not attempt to optimize the design. One reason for this is that there is usually no time to go through the lengthy process of varying the input data, running the simulation and comparing the various results. However, it is possible to do automatic optimization using search techniques that require little effort and time. Another reason that systems are not optimized is that they are often so complex that determining the optimal design parameters is not feasible without using an optimization algorithm. To solve this problem a general optimisation tool named GenOpt was built which performs the required optimal simulations based on optimisation algorithms and finally outputs the result of these simulations along with the optimum solution.

So in our aim to build an early design tool for architects, we came up with the concept of WinOpt, which is an optimization tool aimed at finding the most optimal parameters for having the most energy efficient building configuration. It perform optmization on the following parameters :-

  1. Azimuth Angle of the Building
  2. Window - wall ratio of the Building
  3. Overhang Depth above the windows
  4. Aspect Ratio of the building (Length/Breadth ratio)
  5. Available glass types

The tool is capable of optimizing the following :-

  1. Operational Energy.
  2. Life Cycle Energy.
  3. Operational Cost.
  4. Life Cycle Cost.

Timepass Link :- youtube: http:youtube.com

Title - File Transfer System in C using TCP/IP protocols

Description - The aim was to create a small file transfer system in C using TCP/IP protocols which could transfer files in a local network. The files could be transferred using either TCP connection or UDP connection. The UDP connection was also be made reliable so that the packets lost during transmission were re-sent and there was no overall packet loss involved.

Mentor - Bezawada Bruhadeshwar, Vikram Pudi

The project took a lot of effort and involved a lot of time with a large number of hit and trials.

Title - Ontology Visualiser

Description - The objective is to create a tool which can provide a graphical representation of the ontological entities, so that the user can study their properties and understand the necessary relationships among the various entities and draw conclusions using the tool.

Mentors - Raghu Reddy Sir, Tavva Rajesh

Ontology in brief is the study of everything, by analyzing the relationships among various ontological entities and understanding the relationships among them and coming up with important inferences based on this understanding. The visualization enables the user to understand these relationships easily and quickly. The main technologies used for the project were JavaScript, Ajax, Jquery and d3 library for creating graphical visualization.

Title - User Defined Terminal in C

Aim - To build a user defined in C. The terminal should take the commands from the user and execute those commands using various system calls.

Mentors - Bruhadeshwar

Description - The purpose of the project was to get accquainted with the various system calls and learning how to execute them from C programs. We got to know more about the fork and exec commands in C. The terminal could also take commands with file redirections and pipes as input.

Title - 3 D game in Opengl

Description - To make 3D game using OpenGl. The game would have a world of square tiles, with different types of tiles, such as static, moving, trampoline and invisible. There would be different difficulty levels. The movement of the robots should have good animation.

Mentors - Anoop Sir

Along with the above mentioned features 2 enemy robots were also included in order to make the game even more interesting and challenging. These enemy robots followed the player robot constantly. The game was made using OpenGl library of C.

Title - Robot Bomb Diffusing Game

Description - A Robot bomb diffusing game was built using the curses library in python. In special features the game had an enemy robot, who would try to attack the player and the player has to collect all the diffuse codes without being caught by the enemy robot or striking the wall.

Mentors - Venkatesh Copella

This was the first game built by me. The main purpose of making the game was to learn more about python and learn more about it's libraries. The game was built using Curses library of Python.

Face Recognition Tool

Mentors - Anoop

Aim - The goal of this mini project is to get familiarized with the ideas of Principal Component Analysis by applying it for facial recognition of images and to understand the practical difficulties in developing real-world systems that work with acceptable accuracies.

Description - Bio metric recognition, including face recognition, can be carried out in two modes: a) Identification, and b) Verification. In both cases, a few training samples from each class (each person) is collected and stored in a reference database during training. This process is called enrollment. During testing, a test sample is presented, which should be compared against the enrolled samples to decide if they match or not. The matching process differs in the two modes described above. In the identification mode, the test sample is compared against training samples of each of the enrolled persons, and the best match is identified to decide the identity of the person providing the test sample. This is a one-to-many matching process. In the verification mode, the test sample is presented along with a claim of identity. The test sample is matched only against enrollment samples of the claimed identity to decide whether it is a match or not. The process hence verifies whether the identity claim is correct or not. This can be thought of as a one-to-one matching, even though one might compare the test sample against multiple enrollment samples of the claimed person. We find a linear projection of the faces from the high-dimensional image space to a significantly lower dimensional feature space which is insensitive both to variation in lighting direction and facial expression. We choose projection directions that are nearly orthogonal to the within-class scatter, projecting away variations in lighting and facial expression while maintaining discriminability.


Aim - To understand the basic functionality of Android and come up with a good full fledged application.

Mentors - Hema Venkatraman

Description - The application was aimed at uniting various restaurant apps in order to give them all a common platform and make things easy for the users by bringing all restaurants under a united umbrella. The application would give it's users the facility to compare various restaurants for it's food, compare the food items and place their order as well. They can also track the location of their delivery boys and get an estimate as to how much time would it take before their taste buds get what want.

Interpreter using Flex/Bison Tool

Aim - To implement an interpreter that can run small programs.

Mentors - Govind Rajulu

Description - The interpreter was made using the Flex/Bison tools which could be used to perform almost all arithmetic operations. The interpreter is powerful enough to implement any program. Based on the lines of BrainF**k language the interpreter basically enhances the functionality of BrainF**k language.

Hey Guys,

The main purpose of this blog is to make people more acquainted to who I am, so that they may get to know me better. As I previously mentioned, I like to see myself as an explorer. I have no idea why, but I have always considered this world as a Canvas of Imagination painted by the Eyes of an Explorer. Perhaps, sooner or later I would add further content to this small blog of mine. Until then enjoy the flying kite in the SKY...
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