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by Javin ( BTech-2k6)
Java Programming blog and Interview Questions

Difference between notify and notifyAll in Java - When and How to use (4 years ago)

notify vs notifyAll in Java What is the difference between notify and notifyAll method is one of the tricky Java questions, which is easy to answer but once Interviewer asks follow-up questions, you either got confused or not able to provide clear-cut and [...]


by (BTech-2k15)
Blog about persona finance, saving tips, NRI information

What is difference between NRI and NRE account? (4 years ago)

This is one of the frequently asked questions from NRIs, main from those who have not yet opened any saving account in India. NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) can open different types of bank accounts in India e.g. NRE (Non Resident External), NRO (Non Resident [...]


by Rohit (MTech-2k7)
Java and SQL Programming Blog

10 points about wait(), notify() and notifyAll() in Java? (4 years ago)

If you ask me one concept in Java which is so obvious yet most misunderstood, I would say the wait(), notify() and notifyAll() methods. They are quite obvious because they are the one of the three...

Lazy Bones

by Sundeep ( (BTech-2k6))

The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis (4 years ago)

It was either pretty late on the Saturday night or very early into Sunday, we were coming back from SF when my friend realized we were almost out of gas. She could make the trip to our apartments, but she needed more gas to go back to hers. Someone sugge [...]


by T Tak ()
Java related blog

Flatten a list of Strings (4 years ago)

In this tutorial we would see at various ways to concatenate a list of strings and insert a separator “,”  in between the concatenated strings. Java 8 output Using org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils output : Using loop See concatenation comp [...]

Data Warehouse

by Vijay (BTech-2k7)
Data warehouse blog contains articles on various technologies including informatica, oracle, unix etc

Creating a Database Connection in Pentaho (4 years ago)

Before querying or loading data into the database one has to create a database connection. Let see first how to create a database connection in Pentaho data integration a.k.a kettle tool. In this... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for [...]

arctic monkey

by rahul a ( (BTech-2k6))

Destination: Paradise (4 years ago)

  Rise of the non-playing captains. Who wore it better? Eoin Morgan or Darren Sammy? Is a captain who comes in early and gets out promptly a better non-playing captain or is that distinction more worthy of the captain who doesn’t come in unless [...]

Tribulations of A Fledgling Mind

by Devansh Mittal ( (PhD2k9))
Trying to Sculpt My Self

Eckhart Tolle: His Story Of Enlightenment (4 years ago)

Following is the Introduction of the book – “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I found it so amazing that I felt compelled to share it with everyone. It is the story of enlightenment of Eckhart Tolle, in his own words. I have little use [...]

Arctic monkey

by rahul ( (BTech-2k6))

Rabbit Hole (4 years ago)

(Before John Oliver had a take on the wall, I too had a take on the wall- but I couldn’t see why I should have a take on the wall. So even if I had a take on the wall, I confined it to the drafts folder- until today, when I saw John Oliver’s ta [...]


by T Tak ()

An Executor with blocking submit() (4 years ago)

Today we are going to talk about an executor that will be blocking on submit if n number of threads are already executing. Suppose if you have a threads running in parallel and they are resource intensive, you may want to limit the number of threads execut [...]


by Sharika ( (BTech-2k10))

Too good (4 years ago)

Giving fate a chanceI leavethe starsto decide.I know in God I believe.Molding myselfso I can faceevery grief.No heart...just a shattered mirror in place.There lies my reflectionas it shouldtook mea minute...It's too good.Why be modestIf I couldI wouldtell [...]

Anu's world

by Anupama ( (BTech-2k5))

15 from 15 (4 years ago)

My biggest resolution for ’16 is to be positive. I hurt my finger 3 days back and I took a positive step by not panicking at the sight of blood and positively put a band-aid on it from a box that had a big “+” symbol on it. So much positi [...]

Yet Another Blogger

by Ramachandra Kota ( (BTech-2k2))

Twitter-Compliant Book Reviews Again (4 years ago)

The first of this kind was posted many a sunrise ago here. Let's begin 2016 by resuming this ancient art of reviewing :P. Gilgamesh - version by Stephen Mitchell: Perhaps, the oldest epic. A great kind and a wild man - enemies turned friends. Gods kil [...]

A Nasty Escape

by Tarang Goyal ( (BTech-2k11))
Fight for attendance...

A New Year (4 years ago)

31st December 2015.23:59 Hrs.A street full of people, reeking of alcohol. Flashes all around. A jizz of beer flies high up in the air and lands with a splash on my head. I am soaked. The vision goes blurry. I take out my two eyes and desperately search for [...]

My Three Cents

by Namrata Suri ( (Btech-2k5))

My favourite movies and songs of 2015 – Year end post Part 2 (4 years ago)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin To read the first part of my year end post series, go here. Favourite Movies English Inside Out – There was so much intelligence in the story and so much heart in the execution that it … Continue reading →


by Palash Pandya ( (BTech-2k10 CSD))
Just Another Thought..

Would you? (4 years ago)

Would you ever just lie down in the open, Look at the stars. And hear the chirps and the clicks, The rustlings and the distant hums of the night, The sudden silences. With eyes closed walk down a deserted road. Feel the road-lights flash from behind the tr [...]

Mental Participant

by Sahiti Chedalavada ( (Dual-2k11))

Arctic Monkeys and How Catharsis is Overrated (4 years ago)

So I was going to write about a book, and then I was going to write about my brother. Instead I’m going to write bout Arctic Monkeys. Of these three, I consider myself least qualified to talk music; but who gives a shit what I think of what I think, [...]

Mystical Univ

by Altamish ( (Btech-2k7))

Blessings of the dawn (4 years ago)

The glory of the magnificent full moon Is meeting the first ray of the rising sun The dark nights are long over my friend Come out of your misery and gloom See the optimism in this beautiful dawn As the calming blue fades into the red The white giant of th [...]


by Kulbir Saini ( (BTech-2k5))

Catching up! (4 years ago)

A lot has changed since the last blog post (more than three years). I was happily running a successful business around Videocache till Google decided to push HTTPS really hard and enforced SSL even for video content. That rendered Videocache completely use [...]

My Musings...

by Sankalp Khare ( (BTech-2k7 CSD))
the occasional something i feel like writing about.

I saw the cities overflow. I’m that generation (4 years ago)

This is one of those posts. Like it, read it. Don’t agree, let it be. Just so we’re on the same page, going forward… So… Growth. I guess that’s what you’d call it. I’ve been living in a metropolis for the past 8 ye [...]

Flow Of Life

by Ujjaval Kumar Verma ( (BTech-2k8))
Personal Blog

Himmat aur Zindagi (4 years ago)

हिम्मत और ज़िन्दगी- रामधारी सिंह 'दिनकर'ज़िन्दगी के असली मज़े उनके लिए नही हैं जो फूलों की छाँव में [...]

Chakravarthy's Blog

by Chakravarthy Parankusam ( (MTech-2k6))
Everything I like will be posted in this blog.

Ramo Vigrahavan Dharmah (5 years ago)

A great sloka from MahaRamo'vigrahavaan dharmah saadhuh satya paraakramah;abharathआहार-निद्रा-भय-मैथुनं च समानमेतत्पशुभिर्नराणाम् ।धर्मो हि तेषाम [...]

Unriddling a life….

by Varun V ( (BTech-2k5))

Yoga Teacher — Not just any teacher!!!! (5 years ago)

It was 7:05 AM. I was sleeping and then knock, knock. It was a death bell, the death bell to my sleep. I didn’t want to wake up. I had slept for 1-2 hours in the last 4 days. My schedule runs for 12-14 hours a day with hardly any breaks in between. I [...]


by Akshita (BTech-2k6, MS-2k12)

Dairy Entry – 3rd Dec. 2014 (5 years ago)

Ok, my exams are over. Need to submit one last project report for SMAI by 5th morning and I will be done with my Monsoon’14 semester requirements. Feeling really satisfied with all the goals I achieved in this semester though … Continue reading [...]

Harshit Sureka's Blog

by Harshit Sureka ( (UG2K7))

Solo Travel Reflections (5 years ago)

My first solo trip was when I went to Italy to present my paper at a conference in Oct 2010. I took additional 2 weeks off and, on my own, visited all around Italy and some parts of Switzerland and France – meeting a friend in France. For the first t [...]

Gaganpreet's blog

by Gagan ( (BTech-2k6))
cat /dev/zero > /dev/null

The elusive bug (5 years ago)

(Note: This is something that happened earlier this year. A recent discussion reminded me that I should write about it and here it is) Symptoms The bug description wasn’t very helpful. The users couldn’t scroll on their Macs on this…Read [...]

Ankita's Weblog

by Ankita Vimal (BTech-2k6)
Travelogues, Philosophy

Gokarna – The beach trek (5 years ago)

Having only had the chance to trek mountains before, I had never anticipated the concept of a beach trek till I heard it from Abhiyana. I asked Sagar about it and he explained that the trek is about 25 km long stretch comprised of both beaches and hills. [...]

Bit Mechanics

by Ankush Jain ( (BTech-2k11))
My Pensieve (or maybe not, I do lack a wand to properly operate one).

UI/UX analysis of Indian homes (5 years ago)

I've never been much of a traveller, so this is the second time I'm staying in one. And I'm impressed how some of the minor UX niggles I've always felt at home are handled. Of course, homes vary, and ours is a bit old, at about 15 years, so this may not ap [...]


by Sakshi Gupta ( (BTech-2k11))
People will be like, 'Why's it called Puzzles?' That's the puzzle. - Barney Stinson

The cheese has temporarily moved. (6 years ago)

... though I might stick to it and not return.Twitter's blogging platform is insanely beautiful.So, find me at for the next few months.Cheers! :)P.S. MIT! :D

The Tao of the Comet

by VB Halley Kalyan ( (BTech-2k3))

Quick reads and quick questions (6 years ago)

This post is about my recent reading on “We, the Nation” by Nani Palkiwala . It is a decent read. However, i have realised that given my other readings and relaively strong ideological positions on a lot of things these days, i can’t help [...]

My Life …. efiL yM

by Maruti Borker (Btech-2k5)

Movies 2013 (6 years ago)

Last year I had a silly resolution of noting down movies that I would watch ! Finally saw the LOTR series and Sin City. I saw a total of 122 movies.   Here is the complete list :- 01/01/13 Patiala … Continue reading →

Nothin... much

by Ankit Garg ( (BTech-2k4))

Arranged Marriages (6 years ago)

Of course …    You would definitely have seen this coming.    I am not defending it, or supporting it. I am just getting annoyed over the memes & facebook posts like these …      I mean come on … you are all giving us a bad nam [...]


by Siddhartha Chandra ( (BTech-2k7))
I'm a cook . My mind is my kitchen . I am cooking something.

Opeth 101, the fifteen Opeth tracks that you should definitely listen to before you die. (6 years ago)

Opeth is my favourite Band. Having said that, I am also heavily influenced by Megadeth, and Lamb of God. I am also into Gojira, Tool, The Faceless, among scores of other bands, and I might write a post about Gojira some day. This post is intended to conver [...]

Hello Zindagi

by Divyendu Sen ( (MTech-2k7))
Non Technical mostly

Waqt Ke Kaante (7 years ago)

ऐ वक़्त, तू रुकता नहीं क्यों?फिरता है इतना बेखबर क्यों?मुसाफिर है तू बगैर मंजिल का,फिर भ [...]

Shark Food

by Rishabh Mukherjee ( (BTech-2k4))
Hilarious Propaganda

Flyte - A review (7 years ago)

A very common explanation for piracy in India is that things are too expensive. Movies, songs software everything. Aside from being expensive things are also rather painful to buy. Especially any digital content. Flipkart, the Indian e-tail giant launched [...]

Entourage of Reflections

by Pratyush Nigam ( (BTech-2k9))
Rambling Zone

I might be Down but not Out (7 years ago)

6 A.M. , 12th December, 2011. I was shivering like hell in this December Cold in Lucknow, my mind almost numb and guess what … I have a call coming from Google Mountain View for their intern recruitment, needless to say I did not prepare anything fo [...]


by K Sreekanth Reddy ( (BTech-2k7))

test post (8 years ago)

hi... everyone

Mon Ame

by Priyam Parashar ( (BTech-2K9))
A poet's blog

Drops of sky (8 years ago)

I am roused by the smellThe sound of thousand little dropsPit-pattering on the pavementThey beckon for me to come outAnd stand amidst themA part of their elaborate danceI rush outside to watchAs the sky comes downIn million fragments, all alikeThey are the [...]

Riddling the Mundane

by Ramakrishna Vedantam ( (BTech-2k9))
Reality is a vortex, a vortex of things we render mundane.

"The way to know facts is not the way to know values." (8 years ago)

“The way to know facts is not the way to know values.”

Gonna Shine Some Day

by Aman Bahl ( (BTech-2k8))

Unfair Distribution (8 years ago)

I am sitting here in the cafeteria of the office,Its cool here, and I have bottle of Cold Drink in my hand.Life at peace ... !!!Looking outside the window I see, the beautiful scene, lake, hills, trees and some tens of high buildings and shopping mall [...]


by Yogesh Nautiyal ( (BTech-2k9))
An interface of my bizzare thoughts.

The Lion and the Rabbit (8 years ago)

There lived a rabbit in the middle of the dense forest of Satpura Range somewhere in Uttarakhand. He had burrowed one tiny long burrow under the lush green canopy of Deodar tree. His cute bunny head protruding out from that cutely located burrow is sure th [...]