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Hi, I am Lakshya Jain pursuing in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT-Hyderabad. The lucky day for the world, when I was born, was July, 14 1990. I lived in Alwar (Raj). for the the first 10 years of my life, then my family moved to Bhilwara (Raj) where I continued my education. As I believe in self-study, I didn't take any sort of coaching to clear JEE and AIEEE. That brought me here, to IIIT Hyderabad. My college life is very much that of a computer geek. I am an internet addict, who stays online 24x7. I am serene and a very shy person that's why I don't have many friends. Yes, I am a bit arrogant and snooty, but to my friends I am truly humble and polite. I believe that platonic love is always a part of close frienship though sometimes it turns into passionate love and then .. it hurts. People call me brainy, sharp and shrewd. Well I am not that talented, I am just witty and a good plagiarist. I am sarcastic and humorous, though sometimes my satires prove nosogenic to others. I firmly believe that God help those who help themselves, that is why I seek other's help very rarely. I love C-programming, scripting in python and Web designing with Ajax and Jquery. I am very much interested in High performance Computing on GPU, Parallel Computing with MPI, Compilers and Algorithm Design. I am doing my honors from CSTAR. I worked as a summer intern at Nvidia, where I worked on optimizing CUDA compiler. Well, Whatever be the field I always try to gain as much knoweledge as possible. My quest for perfection will continue forever. I play and watch cricket, football and tennis. I like watching good movies and listening to music. Though I am a newbie at dancing, I can make people dance to my tunes. Whenver I see anything wrong, I admonish firmly for I can't tolerate injustice. Whether my path is right or wrong, I never digress for I hate giving up. I am a theist, a solipsistic and a true Jain by heart. I beleive in "jiyo aur jeene do" and I always try to follow Jain doctrines.

My father is a Computer Engineer and my mother is a school principal. My sister is a science student in class 11th. My family is the most precious gift that I have. I love them more than anything else. My glory, my success has no meaning if there eyes aren't there to witness it. I can never disburse for what they have done for me. The only aim of my life is to see them happy and I am trying my heart out to accomplish it.

This is my personal website, you can feel free to navigate. Since English isn't my first language please forgive any grammatical or spelling mistake. I have designed this website using HTMT-4.0, CSS-2.1, Jquery-1.4, Ajax. It's best viewed in firefox/chrome at 1024x768 or higher resolution. JavaScript must be enabled. Any suggestion/criticism is highly welcomed.

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