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Pankaj Malhotra (:bitgeeky)


I am an undergraduate student currently pursuing B. Tech. in Computer Science. I am a full-stack developer. The web really intrigues me and I have a deep interest in developing software platforms that solve problems.

I am known by my nick : "bitgeeky" on most of the internet sites and in open source community. I have keen interest in developing web applications , real-time communication over internet and automation especially writing scripts for automated testing.

I have learnt a lot by getting involved with various open-source projects and communities, and the knowledge shared by the people involved. I owe my learning to them.

In my free time I like answering questions on Stack Overflow and various tech groups , I am a member of many developers groups (Google Developers Group , Mozilla Developers) and other local groups.

I am a state level Skater and Cyclist, in my free time, I enjoy casual skating,swimming, and cycling.

Skill Set


Platforms: GNU/Linux

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java (Basic)

Scripting Languages: Bash, Python, PHP

Database Systems: MySQL, SQLite

Web Development: JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, HTML, Jquery, XML, SQL

Web Frameworks: Drupal, Django, Web2py


Translator: POEDIT

IDEs: Vim, Eclipse, Visual Studio

Mobile Development: Android (Java), Firefox mobile OS





Recent Activities

Advanced Chat Application

Developed an advanced chatting application using WEBSOCKETS in php.The app allows all users to connect at the same time, and the application was also modified to make private chat rooms.

Developed a Universal Chat application

A simple AJAX chat application allowing all the users on the site to chat with each other.

Developed an Android Application

An android app made for fun. It would just tell the love compatibility of two persons on entering their names.

Qualified for CodeJam first round

Not a big achievement but surely it motivated to qualify for further rounds next year.

Developed a Web App using Web2py

A web2py application that allows to create multimedia notes , and set reminders for important tasks, get notified about the deadlines via email and alot more.

Developed an Android Application

An android app tp prioritize u'r phone calls, app runs in background ,it will handle the calls according to user priority, and phone will ring even on silent mode if the call is from higher priority user.

Developed an app for firefox mobile OS

A simple app to identify the logo of popular brands.

Windows-8 app to test the IQ of a person

A prototype was developed in an event organized by Microsoft

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