Welcome to my Personal Page! The above are some of the books and their respective quotes that have infuenced me as a person . Just searched a few pictures to go with them. (Go Google!):)



I am a graduate in Bachelor in Tech: Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad and currently pursuing my masters at Georgia Tech. Before that I had a one year stint as the Member of Technical Staff in Groupon. I hail from the the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh and my hometown is Indore. I strive to be open to all learning opportunities and give my best to a job at hand. Academically, I am interested in learning and working with Software and Web Development, Database Management System, Networking concepts and Cloud Computing.
In my fun time, I like to (in order of preference) sleep, travel, paint, read fanfics(Harry Potter :D) oo play the only sport that I know how to..Table Tennis!



Complete list of my projects and prototypes could be seen in my Github or Linkedin profile.



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